Catherine De Villiers is an artist and a poet who expresses her love for humanitarianism and nature in her work.

She grew up in the creative environment of the ‘Sestigers’, an inspiring group of artists and poets – including Jack Cope and Marjorie Wallace – quite prominent in the sixties and seventies.

She is a children’s rights activist and therapy facilitator, having worked extensively in literacy, numeracy and social justice.

She is also an animal rights activist and can be found playing her lyre to animals in despair: From elephants to dogs and donkeys. She works closely with many animal welfare societies.


Ashleigh de Villiers is a photographer, artist and facilitator.

At 14 she received her first camera, kickstarting her lifelong affair with photography which has been her profession for the better part of the last decade.

In 2014 she studied through the Photography Institute and begun an apprenticeship with Trevor Wilkins, shooting mainly sailing events around Southern Africa.

Some of her projects and achievements include working for international sailing events, front cover features, a solo exhibition and mentoring international interns at Africa Media.